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is there a bf5 fairfight cheat detector 2 months ago

Hi peeps,

Just wondering if there is a cheat detector like there is for bf4 IE or something similar.

Thank You

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How To Set URL Picture. Pleaes Help 1 year ago

why Im struggling on this issue?  I login.. go to profile... then to signature.... click on picture tab , then comes with a box with a url picture to insert.... I copy n paste from my photobucket then press summit but then says in green writing,,,


Signature changed successfully!

theres no change … still the default bf4 character's head

what am I doing wrong please... much apricated for any help ty

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how to report a cheter 3 months ago

every time I try report some one I get a error on the format. says I need to do it in

which I have but im guessing im doing it wrong. please advise me cheers. heres what im do below is what iv done

played in same team and every corner he came to he knew each enemy coming and killed them very quick in hard mode servers.
the links show him with over 100 kills . all players were complaining so iv posted this.

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