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Score: 146,279,444

Kills: 332,483

Time: 3,458h

KDR 1.93

Skill 417

SPM 705

KPM 1.60

Cheat 0%


Founder of OLEG platoon

Everyone is welcome as long as good mood is running.

We have started our monthly challenge, come and win it to get good rewards.

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  • sckouks 6 years ago
  • sus561 2 years ago
  • sckouks-OLEG 2 years ago
  • ImChouChouu 2 years ago
  • YoupiYoupaa 2 years ago
  • sckouks-OLEG 2 years ago
  • sckouks-OLEG 3 years ago

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[OLEG] Platoon