Score: 39,492,348

Kills: 56,026

Time: 644h

KDR 3.34

Skill 444

SPM 1022

KPM 1.45

Cheat 0%


KoreanLandGiant, or KLG, is a legendary figure in the Battlefield 4 community. His unparalleled skills in the game have earned him the title of "Banzore King" among the dedicated fan base.

KLG rose to prominence through his incredible tank skills, decimating enemy forces with ease and earning him a reputation as one of the most feared players in the game. He quickly became known for his aggressive playstyle, fearless attitude and unrelenting pursuit of victory.

Alongside his sidekick, TommyFinle, KLG formed an unstoppable duo that dominated the battlefield. The pair became inseparable, working together to outwit and outplay their opponents and cementing their place as legends in the Banzore community.

KLG's impact on Battlefield 4 was immeasurable, with many players citing him as the reason they got into the game in the first place. His unwavering determination, unmatched skill, and infectious personality made him an instant fan favorite.

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  • BodhiHodge 1 year ago
  • techwizard69420 1 year ago
  • TommyFinIe 2 months ago
  • KoreanLandGiant 2 months ago
  • KoreanLandGiant 9 months ago

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