Score: 216,824,789

Kills: 551,968

Time: 3,676h

KDR 3.66

Skill 645

SPM 983

KPM 2.50

Cheat 0%



Amroth i love you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxw8M2ddocY
my parent.

if your team moral's is down but you're still up just link them this : https://puu.sh/rcjoB/9a75c57787.mp3

"We must fight... to run away!"

"i was pretty chill but then i saw these teammates" - Pumba

the config i use: https://puu.sh/rEbWC/d692a1324a.cfg
for me it gives perfect like 95% reg, just amazing.

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