Score: 208,735,225

Kills: 325,583

Time: 4,660h

KDR 1.88

Skill 454

SPM 772

KPM 1.25

Cheat 0%


Are you Baming?

An Gay Retard
The obnoxious drunk
I am to blame for some of the degenerate emblems out there
God has abandoned us
Why are you reading my profile

Discord: -Unit_108-#9999
Only I am a hermit who seldom joins calls

The only stats I care about
Mastered 133 weapons
1K kills with 115 weapons
Mastered All vehicles (non transport)
9/10 Working on 10k kills with top 10 guns for some reason

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  • I-F4Phantom-I 4 years ago
  • WalmartPony 4 years ago
  • BULLYHUNTER_108 4 years ago
  • ApolloDaProtogen 3 years ago
  • -Unit_108- 2 years ago
  • -Unit_108- 5 years ago

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[BAME] Platoon