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Score: 74,969,016

Kills: 112,819

Time: 2,502h

KDR 1.43

Skill 317

SPM 498

KPM 0.75

Cheat 0%


Discord; Tatoranator#3148

For your viewing pleasure;

-66: Most knife kills in a round.
-176+: Most knife kills in a day. (Based off of the amount of melee ribbons in one 12Hr timeframe)
-3,101 meters: Longest Headshot using 40x SRR-61 on Golmud Railway.
-7DEC16=>DICE Solder Camo!
-12DEC16=>Final Phantom Tag.
-1JUN19=>Gold "DICE Friend" tag successfully taken!
-31???19=>Mastered ALL non-pickup primary and secondary weapons.
-4OCT19=>Saved from a knife while sniping from the Paracel Storm turbine by the lightning strike.
-8MAY20=>100K Kills.
-19JUN20=>613m HS using suppressed ACOG M40 (After 3 shots of DOPE)
-30OCT20=>Opened 669 Battlepacks that I had forgotten about.

"Let me see what you have!"

You just lost The Game.
Hakuna Matata.

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