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Score: 34,250,646

Kills: 28,176

Time: 340h

KDR 2.67

Skill 572

SPM 1681

KPM 1.38

Cheat 0%


Fun Account ...made it for speed leveling on TiMe NEVER KILL FLAG XP(Thanks to Dex and friends) and -|TG|- (Playerbotserver there are always 6 idle player bots to shoot and unlock your weapons=)

Mouse Logitech G502 @400dpi ingame sence 15%-18%
FOV 99 @ Monitor NEW Acer Predator XB272 240Hz @145Hz locked
I play with open 5.1 real Surround sound system donĀ“t use a fuking headset
Audio tracking enemys is better...

For the guys who wanna see my play style view my YT Channel
Here you have some gameplay sorry for bad Audio and some laggy but im still a Noob in recording videos

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  • LesterGrossman 3 years ago

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[HeXe] Platoon