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Welcome to BF4DB!

May 05, 2017

Welcome to launch day here at BF4DB. We're officially and finally ready (and excited) to show everyone what we've been working on behind the scenes.

Before I get started though, I would like to thank our developers PMKevinRudd and Skulls for their dedication and hard work, as well as hockey who has also been working with us. If it hadn't been for these guys we wouldn't have a website.

The website is fully operational now and we're excited to hear what you think! You can create an account and link your player profile with your account by searching for your soldier and clicking "Claim". It's a simple process that shouldn't take any more than a few minutes. You can review other players, flag players that are hacking, cheating, etc, and you can see all stats as well as their linked profile on 24/7 Fairplay as well as Battlelog. Once you log in you can view and take part in our Forums as well. We'd love to hear what you think!

While the website is now up and open, we're always working on making things better and will be adding a lot more features. If you have a feature request, you can leave that on the Forums as well. Also, you can view our banlist as well as information pertaining to that ban. 

We've been quiet on the development front as we didn't want to give any false release dates as we wanted the website to be done. We've had internal dates set that we've had to push while we were doing testing with a small group of alpha testers. However we'll be fully transparent going forward and happy to answer any questions you may have. We'll be posting patch notes as we make changes to the site as well.

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