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    -White yankee bear-  wrote: "I am a little on the fence about this one, but the more I looked at the stats, the less is makes sense. Damage seems to be high on some rounds, his average scores seem to have increased significantly recently. 4CR"

    see the unfair report from an idiot

    Are you kidding me? you report anybody for play better than you and you say that stupid thing?? c´mon

    "i am a little on the fence about this one"

    Dear White Yankee Bear:

    play more and cry less, and record a video next time you cry loosing on BF4...

    a little message for KarekCat:

    if you dont have 100% evidence who is cheating and who is not provide more reliable evidence before accusing, the people pay money for this game and you have no right to accuse anyone for the fact that an idiot has a hunch that he is cheating just because he is an idiot and does not know.

    i emailed directly to EA support....