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    Suspected aimbot and wallhack - Neaser94
    The first 2 pistol kills are highly suspicious
    The last 3 pistol kills are VERY VERY suspicious
    and the 2nd kill at 0:50 (kill on M0rdarn) HOW did he know where he was?
    Also VERY good eyes at 2:15 (tho there was some rockets/frags comming from that direction, but still!)

    I write suspicious because that was what i based the ban on, i'm 100% sure he's hacking tho.

    Play the last 3 kills back at 0.25x and you see how the crosshair centers as the first bullet flies out.
    Snaps to the target furthest to the right, and then snaps back at the middle target. 

    (Battlereport is not same game)

    I dont belive him to be legit, i forgot to record with audio and he did appeal the ban on our discord.
    Gonna see what BF4DB has to say before any unban.



  • Kungen1
    Member since August 13, 2019

    I see now i posted in a forum for "clean" players, sorry, i re-reported using the "report" button!