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    Hi guys,

    I have just spoken to my youngest son, who has explained to me a situation regarding this battlefield 4 account. I thought i'd get him to log me on here and maybe I can figure this out with you guys. Not sure how much detail he went into with you guys, but i'll give the short version.

    My eldest recently got married, and decided to give his brother this old computer to play some video games with his friends. Now it's a bit out of my comfort zone tech wise to try and even understand how this works, but my son says that he can't even create his own account due to the impatience of my eldest?

    Now I fully understand this account was banned for a good reason, and my youngest talked me through what he could see from the previous appeal. But I am wondering what would be stopping him from making his own account to play with his friends, is this something you guys could help me with sorting out for him? He doesn't really have many friends other than on his computer, and he was excited to play some games other than minecraft now that he has a computer powerful enough for them. So I do hope this can be sorted.

    Thanks for your time

  • Georgemac131
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    We are not here to solve family problems.

    This account was used to cheat (and therefore the ban will not be removed), and as we cannot verify if this brother story exists, any future accounts (BF4 PC) will be banned as we do not give cheaters a second chance.