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  • Ale93_X6
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    Hello, yesterday I tried to appeal on discord about my banned account, I tried explaining it the best way I could in my native language and was open to any questioning about it. 
    But today I saw it was closed and cant contact them there anymore.

    I saw the battle reports here and I tried to explain that I entered a custom server to unlock and progress weapons and gadgets for vehicles. we took turns helping each other getting everything we needed for the weapon's objectives. This games are from 2022.
    The last games I played that are highlighted are from a custom server with minimal HUD and modified HP so you can one shot with shotgun if you are close enough. I got 100+ kills for the first time on pearl market. Propaganda and operation locker I played with dmr and sniper rifle and since you cant see the minimap I was flanking on propaganda and sniping on op. locker's outer route. This 3 are from the same server, someone got angry because I had so many kills? someone said I was hacking, enemy players even had my back and defended me in chat and the admin agreed it was nothing.

    In the most recent game on hainan resort, I tried to explain that we dominated the enemy team to their base and had a sniping battle. After a while the players of the other team started to leave and the remaining players did not want to play anymore and just spawned to prevent afk kick.

    The SA server has 5 or 6 servers active and everyone knows each other. The custom server with minimal HUD and modified HP(60%) is not active all the time, its one of my favorites servers because its the closest I can get to play hardcore mode. the other servers are either conquest, operation locker exclusive conquest or domination.

    Please, what can I do to prove I did not use any program for these games? I play this game from time to time and got back to play with friends because of the steam summer sale. I have bf4 since 2021 and never had any problem with any other player before.

    If there is anything I can provide to demonstrate this was a false alarm I will do it