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       Dear administrators and friends, hello everyone. I am a player from China and I love Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 very much. I believe they are the best games I have ever experienced in my life. Due to the lack of voice communication, I have only now realized that I have been banned from entering the game. After consulting numerous translations for 3 days, I have seen this notification: ALL BAN APPEALS AND CLEAR PLAYER REPORTS Must BE MADE THROUGH DISCORD FORUM APPEALS AND REPORTS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCESSED I am unable to log in to DISCORD in China and had to resort to this method to appeal. I assure you that I have never engaged in cheating before. As I did not know how to install the anti cheating program when updating it, it may have caused problems with the program. Since the anti cheating program was updated, it has been banned. I request the administrator's help to review it. I am not sure if my appeal methods are correct. Due to my limited English proficiency, I have tried everything possible. I really love these two games, please review them carefully. Thank you very much!

     This is probably the battle report for my last battle:

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