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    尊敬的官方人员你们好,我是战地系列游戏的忠诚的粉丝,现在中国疫情非常严重导致我长期的被隔离在家。我购买了战地2042,战地V用来打发时间,但是最新的游戏我无法适应,我仍旧想继续游玩我的战地4.但是我在登录游戏后显示被驱逐,表述我在游戏中开了外挂。这个是我的游戏ID: 我在4月份的时候因为木马病毒导致了自己的账号被盗,但是那时候游戏的游玩是正常的,不可否认的是我的游戏账号真的被黑客盗取了~ 现在申诉无法在discord这个软件上面进行申诉 因为我现在在中国! 恳请官方给我解禁! 我没有使用辅助外挂!!!!!!!!!! NO hanck!!! NO hanck!!! NO hanck!!!

    Dear officials, hello, I am a loyal fan of the Battlefield series of games. Now the epidemic in China is very serious and I have been quarantined at home for a long time. I bought Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V to pass the time, but I can't adapt to the latest game, I still want to continue playing my Battlefield 4. But after I log in to the game, it shows that I have been evicted, saying that I have opened a plug-in in the game. This is my game ID: My account was stolen due to a Trojan horse virus in April, but the game was playing normally at that time. It is undeniable that I The game account of my game was really stolen by hackers~ Now I can't appeal on the discord software because I'm in China now! I implore the official to unban me! I'm not using a secondary cheat!!!!!!!!! NO hanck! ! ! NO hanck! ! ! NO hanck! ! !