• Russao
    Member since August 31, 2017

    Anyone can "reset" cheat status by playing with shotguns, lets say some one has a cheat stats of 80% and high hs on a few weapons, the stats are red, then if the player play a few rounds with shotguns, once the player get to 100 kills with shotguns, the cheat stats will reset itself, only taking in account the shotgun stats and not of any other gun.

    How did I figure it out? Well, for a few months, I have been playing for headshots only, once I finish some of the guns that i didn't get 1k kills, I move to the next weapon, I noticed that on my bf4db profile, the cheat stats was going up as I was moving to others guns, then one day I saw that cheat status on my bf4db was at 64%, then I was wondering if i could do headshots with shotguns, I never play with shotguns, I found it to be very random, I would get headshot hits but no kills, then once I unlocked slugs, things went a little better, but still bad, at certain distances I had to do 2 headshots anyway, then I went to my bf4db profile and saw that my cheat status was at 23%, i was like oh cool, maybe they changed something, then I noticed that one of my shotguns the status was red 180% or something, anyway since I don't do shotguns hs on every map, I moved to another weapon, then as I was doing headshots, the cheat status again went up to 54%, then I thought about trying the UTS15(shotgun), kinda hard with slugs, as I was doing headshots, some rounds even more than 50%, I was curious if anything would change on the cheat status, then I checked it and once again it reseted to 34%, then I moved to other gun and it went up to 41%.

    I don't think it would change anything, but it's a weird bug, one could have the stats all red and a low cheat stats, as if they last stats update is based on shotgun stats.