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    The report given to me, is not right. An aimbot profile looks different, I only have a high percentage of accuracy on the sniper rifles. 
    St1nkySkunk says "noticed a suspicious round after checking his stats 72%hs/k on u-100"

    If you check out my profile, on the U-100 MK5 I have only ~36,2%  headshot accuracy. That's not 72% as given by the reporter person.
    Check out the other weapon stats, please and then consider giving me a ban appeal.

    Best regards,
    Richárd (ricsi9926)

    I attach a proof of picture here:

    Proof of image

    Proof of image #2

  • ricsi9926
    Member since August 02, 2020

  • ricsi9926
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    after reviewing your ban I discovered a number of reports that show elevated damage output on rounds played on servers without 60 HP configuration. - 35 KPH, very high unusual KPM, low accracy/hs rate, various weapons used but mostly LMG - 37 KPH, very low accuracy, equipped medic bag and defibs, no sign of gadgets that could potentially increase this number. - 75% hs rate, An94 and U-100 MK5 used, CQL mode, high kpm for a map/mode like this.

    After this check it is conclusive the ban is valid and cannot be disputed.