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    Appeal: Hey guys! So i tried to join a BF4 Server which is protected by your service. Or atelast it stands so in the description.  It is the

    " BRAZZERS - Noobs Welcome - ALL MAPS - Votemap - 60Hz - 24/7 "

    Apparently it tells me that I am banned by an admin. But I don't know why. The last few months that I was playing was kinda focused on vehicle fighting. So i had a very high average K/D. I would like to play on the Sever again and kinda want to know the reason for my ban.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

    EDIT: Forgot to say that here on my Profile i am not banned or anything like that. But i still can't join on specific servers. Often it does not even show me a reason.

  • Tescq
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    You are not banned by BF4DB! Please ask the server admin!