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BF4 | Defib Only Montage 7 months ago

Hope you enjoy this lighthearted montage :P -TM

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Likely a cheater 9 months ago


So I was playing BF4 in a sniper/pistol server as usual and noticed that this level 16 player was doing really well, too well. Even I couldn't keep up with his KPM in that round. As the round had ended he began bragging about how easy the game had been for him.
(His battlereport: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1030525930256914624/1782100546/ )

He even said that he indeed is a hacker when people accused him of being one. (screenshot below)


I had become very suspicious and decided to take a look at his statistics. He doesn't have much playtime but I saw a couple alarming figures. His HS/K ratios on M9 (which he used in that round) and GROZA-1 were high to say the least. Particularly the GROZA with which he has 86% HS/K -ratio and 66% K/H (kill/hit) -ratio.
That's every 3rd hit not being a kill. Impossible.

An associated profile was also found with the exact same stats:

He also has just become investigated on BF4DB:


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Aimbot, wallhack, damage, video evidence 9 months ago


So I was playing Battlefield 4 and this guy was quite obviously cheating. Looking through walls,
locking onto people and getting body shot kills outside the rifle's one shot kill -range.

I got it captured on video here (6 mins of footage):

IMO can't be banned based on stats alone but still, I have no doubts on this one.





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Pistol KPM problems... 9 months ago

Hello, I am TeeMustonen. I'm a long time Battlefield player. However, my stats are getting me hackusations and bans and I can't play on many of my favorite servers anymore...

Okay, as you can see on my Battlelog stats, my two best guns are the GOL Magnum and the QSZ-92. I have literally tens of thousands of kills with both of them and hundreds of hours of use. However, my KPM with my pistol gets me in trouble. It is nearly 12, because I only finish off kills with it if I get a hitmarker with my GOL or if I don't have time to reload the rifle. I almost never go pistol only. The game only counts time in hand, so when people look at my stats, they think that I literally get a kill every 5 seconds, which is ridiculous.

Now, a sniper shot does a lot of damage so even when someone gets away they are likely to die in their next fire fight. Naturally that and my percetually large use of bolt action rifles leads me
to also have a high K/KA -ratio (many of the assists count as a kill).


If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. But please don't accuse me of hacking without thinking first. I'm tired of that...


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