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Joined BF4DB: May 26, 2017
Last Online: 1 day ago


TiMe-NEVER-KILL-FLAG-XP 1 week ago

Hey admins,

I join this server for looking.
And i see all peoples 0 kills. 

This is heavy Stats padding. (Prohibited)

I am 1 sec leaving. 
And TiMe banned me. (lol)

See write: Being Disrespectful
Here is YouTube video:

See all name.

Report to:

BF4DB: Done
Dicefriends: Done
Dice: Done

Sincerely Soldier2016


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BF1 "Death won't stop me? 3 weeks ago

For Kevin Simpson (Twitter: @kevinsimpsonbf)
Made by @soldier2016nl

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Donate group. 4 weeks ago

Hi guys,

where is list donate group? We see not who donate to BF4DB for thanks.

Greeting Soldier2016

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Server open 4 weeks ago


i go this website open. And give slow open. Long time waiting. Hope you me understanding and new upgrade fixed.

Greeting Soldier2016

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School and Chat. 1 month ago

Hey guys, 

welcome back. I hopen you good holidays. :-)

Monday all schools will be open.

1: Price for BF4 is low. More stupid cheats buy BF4. How can i see on BF4 GLOBAL FAIRBAN: ("NO NAME") and report here.
Now can name not see. That is problem.
Have you idea and tips for me? 

2: Chat on private. I give link on chat. This working not. Can you this link on chat active? Easy click and go to link. (Faster)

wish you have fun on BF.
Greeting Soldier2016

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Battlefield 4 with bullet. 4 weeks ago


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Emblem "Hitler" 1 month ago

Hi admin(s)

I hope here no allowed for "Hitler" emblem?
Delete first this "Hitler" and last warning. 
This is for example:

I see more guys play this emblems. 
I do not like this one to see.
And i hope you this like.

Thanks and greeting Soldier2016


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Find player 1 month ago

Hi admins,

Where can i this name: "FckTRUMP-again"  (From Afghanistan)
WBKS admins and me seek him. He have other name. 
And have GUID-id?

Thanks you.
Greeting Soldier2016

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Website open. 1 month ago

Hi guys,

i go to website and type and waiting long 10 sec is this website open.
On my work and my home same problem.

Also in search.

Website is about 5 days ago problem so far.
Hope you this fixed.

Thanks !!!

Greeting Soldier2016

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Old photo 1 month ago

3D graphics with my name and dice-dogtag.

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