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R1votr1ll NOT CLEAN 2 months ago

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NOT CLEAN ALISAxAlyssa 2 months ago


High KPM and HS!

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NOT CLEAN Zohan_ARG 2 months ago

Zohan_ARG  :,1359362578559013184,1358166831017250368


First Time:
Second  Time:

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RB_SNIPER14 - NOT CLEAN 3 months ago,1354138010893811392,1354493943884938944,1354506749870997184,1355108692000536768,1355120027136456896

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Critical Review Appeal OF Banned Players 3 months ago

I saw an appeal from a banned player who used a recorded video as evidence in his favor, but was unable to reproduce any of his previous battlelog.

In the evidence used as a denunciation, it shows the player firing and returning with the sniper aiming exactly at the enemy's head.

However in the video shown by the banned player does not reproduce this situation among other withdrawals as evidence.

I'm talking about the EnzinSnipero player :

Another problem is that after accepting the Player's ban appeal, the evidence used in the report was removed.

For example, that player's history was kept. Maracruzi,  but EnzinSnipero's have not been maintained.

In this video it shows the enemy falling on the roof of FOX in Goldmud, when the player will aim, the aim is already in the enemy's head:

In this same video there are other moments that I could mention as well.


Translate: I have been playing this game for 3 years, but I migrated to the PC a few months ago.

I do not believe that in a few months using a mouse and keyboard I can evolve so fast, another dynamic, another way of playing.

In short, in order to prove that you were not using aimbot you would need to reproduce part of the head shot number, not just a normal game without demonstrating that you are capable of playing according to your statistics.


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TioDuh NOT CLEAN 3 months ago,1258230680204957184,1258237068138337792,1258957632510913408,1258962843740695424,1253778753688819648

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Cheating server owner 1 month ago

I recently learned of a server on which the owner himself used cheating.

However, using the whitelist function of the bf4db plugin, it allows the owner of the server that used cheating to continue playing on his server.

I understand why (I think), but isn't it contradictory to allow a cheater to use cheating because he owns a server?

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Suspicious -PEW-Meio_Amargo 3 months ago  (AWS 119 kill | 53 HS ) ~ 50% Normal ?  (ACW-R 100 KILL | 50 HS )  ~ 50% Normal ? (AWS 163 kill | 55 HS  ) ~ 50% Normal ?

Headshot almost 50% efficiency? 

I didn't even see competitive players!

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SV-98 - 48 K | 32 HS | 

It doesn't look clean.


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