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    Hello everyone!

    As this has been quite a big topic recently I wanted to make this post to clear up the situation and explain some thing.

    Most of you should be aware that other third-party anti cheat organisations such as GGC and / or PBBans stream server logs and filter out Punkbuster kicks that have been issued due to a Punkbuster Violation. We at BF4DB do the same!

    The reason why I am saying this is because some of you might have doubts in the legitimacy of these streamed Punkbuster Violations on BF4DB because they aren't listed on any other service but ours. A simple explanation for this is that not every server that is streaming to BF4DB, streams to other third-party services thus we are the only ones keeping track of their server's logs and the Punkbuster Violation kicks issued on them.


    We, the BF4DB staff get to see these violations logged in a hidden section in every player's profile that will be made public as soon as we have everything figured out.

    The sole purpose of this entire thread is to prove that violations logged on BF4DB are legitimate bans issued by Evenbalance. Only because they aren't logged on other third-party streams such as GGC it does not mean that they are non-existent!

    At this current point BF4DB logged over 1.200 Punkbuster Violations of which some didn't hit GGC/PBBans' databases yet!

    As all anti cheat organisations are somehow sitting in the same boat and fighting against the same enemy being cheaters in online games we, BF4DB, suggest you to stream to both BF4DB and other third-party services such as GGC or PBBans to improve your own server's security, but also the security of new servers that are yet to be added to streaming services!

    Best regards,