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    Hey all!

    For the past 3 months we, as the BF4DB staff team, haven't really done much against violations of any policies / rules of conduct in our forums because of a few simple reasons. First and foremost we are lacking the time to really enforce every single violation. We are occupied with either developing and improving the website in general and/or our tools, that may be used by obtaining one of our future subscription plans, or just reviewing and processing user reports.

    People seem to have noticed this and started violating our policies, rules of conduct and other announcement posts we put out, more than ever before. Because of this fact we are currently developing a warning + punishment system to ensure security and respect for both site users and the BF4DB staff team.

    As we currently do not have said warning + punishment system online all warnings will be spoken out by staff members through a private message in the forums. Said warnings are valid and will be enforced accordingly. As soon as the warning system is online prior warnings will be taken over into the system.

    Warnings contain a few keywords at the start or within the warning itself to make clear that the private message is a valid warning, a short statement from the staff member speaking out the warning, the warning count (taking prior warnings into account) and the specific reason a warning was spoken out for.

    You may receive 3 warnings in total before being punished with a permanent forum suspension.

    Currently BF4DB staff warnings work with the following principle; (Updated: Constitution date)

    - First warning : No punishment.

    - Second warning : No punishment.

    - Third warning : Permanent BF4DB Forum suspension. reserves the right to change the warning roster listed above at any time without any notice.