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    Hello all!

    As this seems to have evolved into the trend of naming and shaming BF4DB in numerous forums spread across the internet, I will make this first and last official informational post about BF4DB and its current situation within EA's Terms of Service to clear up this entire situation and assure our service users that it is 100% safe to stream to us and use our plugins.

    In advance; BF4DB does NOT violate any of ElectronicArts' set Terms of Service / Rules of Conduct for the Battlefield Frenchise!

    On the 27th of July 2017 DICE published the newest serverside patch listed under the buildnumber R59. This patch contained multiple crash and performance fixes aswell as the removal and/or filtering of certain Punkbuster commands and banlist exploits on the Official preset which enabled server admins to remove unwanted players (in our case convicted cheaters) from their server.

    The one and only command we used within our plugin to keep official servers clear was filtered out with the R59 server build being 'pb_sv_badname'.

    What does that mean for BF4DB?

    Neither we, nor anybody else running their server on the R59 server build is able to issue and/or execute any of the removed commands on the official server preset proven in the following video I recorded myself a few days ago. The video contains a live selfban on BF4DB and a few demonstrations of said removed commands in the Punkbuster console within the ProCon Frostbite application.


    Players targetted by the command were removed from the gameserver for the following reason which was definitely not the case in the video provided above.:

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'xxxxxx' (for x minutes) ... Bad (Disallowed) Name

    If you are still finding yourself getting kicked from official servers it might be caused by certain servers still using the old R58 server files which do not contain the Punkbuster filter making the old version of the BF4DB plugin functional again but only on these specific non-updated servers. Unfortunately we can not do anything about this so you would be better off just playing on servers that have updated to R59 instead of making houndreds of threads on the Battlefield Forums about our plugin "violating the ToS". New plugin versions do not contain the needed strings to issue Punkbuster kicks on pre-R59 servers so that issue should be resolved aswell as soon as admins using old server files update their BF4DB plugin.

    What does that mean for users of our services?

    To cut a long story short, NOTHING. Due to the recent R59 server patch neither BF4DB itself nor users of our services are in violation of any ToS/RoC agreements made with EA.

    We have updated our plugin's source code and removed any strings  that were connected to official server management as it is not functional anymore anyway. 

    If you find any posts or complaints made against BF4DB claiming that we violate EA's Terms of Service in any way feel free to link this thread in their post proving them wrong.

    We are open for any questions concerning this matter so feel free to ask!


    Patchnotes: https://www.battlefield-inside.de/2017/07/battlefield-4-serverupdate-r59-ausgerollt-changelog/

    Complaints: https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/6rvf9i/bf4db_exploit_on_official_servers_violates_ea_tos/



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    They do not ban cheaters, they on the contrary, make them play quietly on the official servers. stupid dice - killed Battlefield

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    yes agreed EA has killed Official servers now they are all full of hackers (cheaters) i get 8 to 12 daily on my server and it really sucks that they can play.