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A few words about a debated glitch.. 6 days ago

Greetings BF4DB community!

As this has been quite a big topic in the last couple of days which even resulted in a ban (that has been lifted again!).

I wanted to make this post and the following video to clear up the situation

and emphasize that this in fact is a repeatable G L I T C H  and not an RPM Hack as previously assumed.

I beg your pardon for my (censored) wording in the video, however certain people did bring me into a situation where I lost my mind due to ignorance and other private stuff that I won't further explain.

I have recorded this video on an empty BF4DB streaming server to prove that this is a glitch and not an RPM hack.

This video is one of the best examples that Battlefield 4 is still not a bug-free game even 4 years after its release.

Any reports based on this glitch will be rejected.

If this gets out of hand again we will have to start suspending forum accounts to break up the fight.

Yours faithfully,

Nadeko, BF4DB Staff.

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[Sitebot] ~ Automated Administation Unit 1 month ago


Dear BF4DB Community !

This post is dedicated to clarification of what our Site Bot is, what it does and how it works on one hand, and on the other hand to answer questions concerning the Bot and it's work.

What is this 'Site Bot' ?

The 'Site Bot' is our first, last and only non-human staff member assisting us in the fight against one common enemy being cheaters! The Site Bot works fully automated and makes our job in fighting back cheating players a little bit easier!

How does it work ?

Every time you check and / or update a player's BF4DB profile the Site Bot makes use of it's unique algorithm to both scan the player's stats, but also analyze and compare them to a database full of player stats that were found to be legit and clean.

Simultaneously the Site Bot checks the updated player for prior and current FairFight suspensions and enforces them if a flag was found.

What is it for ?

The Site Bot relieves both our staff team and our extremely active community. If a player was found to have listed FairFight suspensions and / or overly suspicious statistics the Site Bot issues a ban with the given reason being "Suspicious Stats" or "FairFight" depending on what the Site Bot found during it's investigation. This obviously removes the need of reporting very obvious cheaters and relieves our staff in the way that we have one less report to review!

What to do if I was banned by the Site Bot ?

As you might have already concluded due to the fact that the Site Bot is an automated administration unit,not every single ban can be perfect!

If you feel like the ban was issued in an unfair manner and you do not cheat feel free to appeal your ban here. Once appealed, our entire staff team will review your ban appeal and give a final verdict.

Stats that have been inflated by abusing ingame systems such as Flagrunning or Tradekilling may trigger a ban by the Site Bot. If said abuse of ingame systems can be proved by adding Battlereports of it to your appeal we definitely will remove your ban and approve your ban appeal!

If you have any questions concerning the Site Bot, it's job on BF4DB and / or it's functionality feel free to post them in a reply below!

Friendly regards,

BF4DB Staff Team!

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Admin Request: How to appeal your ban 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone.

We, as the new BF4DB plan to make appealing a ban as painless of an experience as possible for both sides.  The overarching goal for both reporters and administrators / moderators is to limit the amount of confusion and disconnect between the appeal and the evidence provided.

Keep in mind that every ban appeal that does not match the given requirements will be denied and locked down without any warning!

After creating your ban appeal a BF4DB staff member will review your complaint and give a first response within 24 hours. If the thread author has not carried out the, by staff requested tasks, within 72 hours the appeal will be denied and locked down without mercy!

Appealing your Ban

Please use the following template for now until we can add it in a future update:

BF4DB Profile:

Adding a link to your BF4DB is mandatory and will significantly speed up the process


Copy / Paste both the banreason and the evidence that has been added by either an administrator or a BF4DB user into the ban appeal thread


Explain your situation and why you feel that the ban has been issued in an unfair manner. Add further information on why you think the ban should be lifted.

Be honest! If a staff member checking your ban appeal observes that you have been lying about the circumstances your appeal will be denied and locked down.

If you have been banned at BF4DB for a third party ban outgoing from fellow Anti-Cheat organisations such as GGC-Stream, PBBans and / or ACI you will have to appeal your ban there first. If they lift the ban we will do the same.

Staff may request a third person gameplay video if needed however further details on how the video has to be recorded are posted by the requesting staff member.

Additional Information:

Add as much information proving your innocence as possible however the provided information has to be topic related.

If you have been banned by our sitebot or staff for the banreason 'Suspicious Stats' and the anomalies in your stats have been caused by Statpadding ( Flagrunning and / or Tradekilling) add a battlereport proving clear Statpadding related to the weapon statistics anomalies have been found in.

Please be aware that you can only appeal for your own account and that only once! If your appeal has been denied do NOT create a second appeal. If so the second appeal will be denied and locked down aswell. If thread / ban appeal spaming occurs we will permanently suspend your BF4DB user account without any warnings prior to that.

If you are not an official staff member of BF4DB do NOT post in any ban appeals that have not been opened by yourself. If you have information of any kind you think would help our staff team progressing on a pending ban appeal feel free to send a private message to the staff member that reviews the case with a link to the ban appeal you are submitting for and the information you would like to share with us.

Thanks for your attention,


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A few words to player reports 1 month ago

Dear BF4DB community!

the part of the BF4DB staff team dedicated to reviewing player reports would be extremely pleased if future player reports could contain clear evidence proving that the suspected and reported player is in fact cheating.

Said clear evidence can be as humble as a Battlereport showing abnormal stats such as insane HS/K ratios (in the case of an Aimbot) or the usage of Battlepickup weapons used on maps they don't belong such as Operation Locker (in the case of a Multihack).

Any reference is helpful and speeds up the process of report review significantly! The more information is given about the player and possible usage of cheats the faster we can review the report and decide what to do depending on the results of the investigation.

Reading our Banning Terms will definitely help you at deciding whether the information you have will help us or not.

Bans on Metabans are NOT a valid report and/or banreason for BF4DB if they are not based on a Punkbuster and/or FairFight suspension!

ATTENTION: BF4DB does NOT enforce any kinds of Battlefield 3 bans as we are specialized in Battlefield 4 bans!

We ask for your understanding!

Apart from that I wish you all a nice and cheatfree weekend!


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