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Player reports / Blocker 1 day ago

I don't know if I'm wrong but I started to see a lot of suspicious players with empty battle reports even if they had rounds completed.

I have seen "Blocked by the user" before but never did I see "No games played yet" when they obviously had several rounds already.

Would that be another cheat feature to erase all battle reports?

Would that be considered eventually as a proof for cheat?

Exemple Empty report

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Fobby16 4 days ago

player report

Please review this report again.

Time for this guy to get banned.

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killershotXx 4 days ago

Can't load his page so here...

Violation (AIMBOT) #59144

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Stuck on loading screen 4 days ago

Report player

Search for players and then i get stuck on this loading screen.

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Server link Signature 5 days ago

I noticed I got my server signature link revoked from my posts.

All forums have a signature block where you can add your server info. Why would this site not support that?

This also shows servers who uses your plugin (will) and care about this community. I think this should be allowed.

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Mr_BalIa 6 days ago

I Reported ''QusoNoPls'' AKA ''Mr_BalIa'' and was ''CLEAN'' out by lack of proof.  ( my bad )

BF4DB report page

here is some battle reports from last night back to back.

Strongly suggest aimbot

72 HS / 80 kills

45 HS / 65 kills

41 HS / 54 kills

66 HS / 172 kills

25 HS / 66 kills

From 38% HS/K to 90% HS/K, That's insane.

Mr_BalIa history chart

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Private Message 1 week ago

- When we get a private message, it would be great if there would be a notification beside the link.

- I don't think we are able to delete any private messages. If so I don't know how.

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Reported Players 4 days ago

Hi guys,

Seems like there is a lot of reported players that are "pending".  I have a hard time to track the reported players I reported since I have no links to them, but I do try to get back and see their status. Although they all seem to be still in "investigation", even with obvious aimbot video. Is there a reason why it takes that long or you guys waiting for more evidence? If so, I can always forward more proof or dig further.

What is the timeline between a report and an investigation/ban ?

Thanks again guys

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Reported "Clean" players 1 week ago


When you guys clean a player's name for lack of proof, we can't add anymore proof since the post gets locked.

Anyways we can report him again?

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Adding pictures bug 2 weeks ago

Tried adding pictures. wont load into site.

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